Oct 10, 2014

Internal mechanism of Platform Independent Language

Platform Independence means that no dependency on Platform. Here Platform mean is environment.We will know here Internal mechanism of Platform Independent Language. Learning Java is too easy but understanding it some what difficult. Any one can create programs on java but very few people know the Internal mechanism of java concepts. In this post we are going to discuss about Internal mechanism of Platform Independent Language. As we are discussing on Java and Java is also a Platform Independent Language. So I will explain Internal meaning of Platform Independence and What is the meaning of Platform Independent Language?
First of all think only one thing  that can you execute java program made in windows environment on Unix environment or vice versa? If you are unable to answer, I tell you. 'Yes' we can execute java program in any environment. For this only one thing is needed that is called JVM. Java's most powerful feature is that program written in java can we run on any platform. This powerful feature of java makes it a Platform Independent Language. Java is able to do this by JVM. JVM stands for JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE. JVM is the interpreter that  translates java byte code into machine code.Due to this programs are executed on any machine. 
So, Platform Independent Language means, the language that does not depend on any platform. Program written on that language can be run any where on any platform. Program made on Platform Independent Languages are called as Platform Independent Programs. We can explain Platform Independent Programs as the programs which are created and compile on one particular machine and are able to execute any where i.e. on any O.S.