Aug 20, 2013

Java Virtual Machine (JVM): JVM in Java Programming

JVM: Acronym of JVM(Java Virtual machine). JVM is the main part of java .To Know more about JVM in java programming, read this post and see related articles. Step by step java programming tutorial.

Java Virtual Machine(JVM), the powerful tool of java has made java unbeatable in the programming language's industry. JVM,In short Java Virtual Machine is also known as JVM. Unlike other language java has different way to execute the program. Every language needs a compiler to compile the source code. Java also has compiler to compile the source code but instead of compiler it also has an interpreter to interpret the compiled code.

JVM (Java Virtual Machine) : What is JVM-

Concept behind this approach is that unlike other language java is a platform independent language i.e. program written on java can be executed on any platform. Now question arises how it is possible.
Code written on java first compiled by java compiler and converted in to a middle level code which can only be understood by java interpreter named JVM. Now this middle level code also named as byte code is converted into machine code for further processing.
When a general compiler compiles the source code,it gets directly converted into machine code which can only be understood only by the platform on which it was compiled. But in java,code is processed in two phases, first creation of byte code and then its interpretation. Produced byte code is understandable by all platform with the help of JVM. Because all operating system have inbuilt JVM.
Now we can say JVM is the backbone of java. Here discussion of JVM gets over. Later we will learn many new concepts in details.

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