Aug 19, 2013

Introduction to java programming language

Introduction to java programming language. Step by step explanation of java programming introduction. Here we explaining introduction and basic concepts of java programming.

Java has been defined by many authors. Most of java authors have been written much content in their posts. Readers of java can get sufficient information from those sites but they cannot know actual internal mechanism of java in those posts.

I will tell learners the reality and internal working of java in my blog. Java is a programming language made by James gosling and his team. Java was created only for electronic consumable devices but later on it grew its size and now it is divided into 3 broad fields…

1. J2SE
2. J2ME
3. J2EE

Initially core idea behind java development was to develop a language which can be used for the programming of the chips. Java developers want to handle machines by the use of remotes. They did it along with development of the area of java too.

Java is the most secure, most reliable and most powerful language which can provide a broad range of usages. Java is the platform independent language so it’s a most commonly used language in industries. We will discuss how java is platform independent later….
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